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More databases can be found through our Find Resources by Subject guides. 

Most of these databases have a box you can check to see only results from peer-reviewed journals.  Ask the Reference Desk for more info. 

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What's a Peer-Reviewed Journal?

What's a "peer-review journal"? And why does it matter to me?

"Peer-reviewed journals" are considered scholarly. And it matters to you because most of your research should come from scholarly journals.

Want to know more? Watch a brief YouTube tutorial from Vanderbilt Univ. called Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals.

Still not sure if your source is a peer-reviewed journal? Use the link below and search for the journal. HINT: Enter the journal name and specify that it be in the "TI Title" field. View the record for your journal and look for the "Peer-Reviewed" line. If it says "Yes," you're in business!

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