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E-books Guide: Getting Started

This guide explains e-book resources available through Manderino Library, including how to download e-books to your computer or mobile device.

E-books Basics


There are many different types of e-books out there: freely available electronic copies of books that are out of copyright; e-books through sources such as Google Books in which only selected parts of the books can be viewed; e-books that you purchase yourself and download from Amazon or other sources; and, finally, the ebook collections that the library provides.

About Library E-books

All library e-books are full-text. All of them can be read online through a regular Web browser. Some library ebooks can be downloaded for offline reading to mobile devices, such as iPads, Android devices, and Kindle Fires, as well as a computer. Here's how to download ebooks.

Finding E-books

E-book databases are listed in the box to the right. OneSearch is the best place to search though because combines e-books from different providers (JSTOR, EBSCO, etc) into a single interface.

Why E-books?

The library will keep buying print books, but will increasingly be purchasing e-books for student and faculty use. E-books can be accessed 24/7 from any internet accessible computer, as well as many mobile devices. If you are off-campus, you will be prompted to log in using your campus ID and password, just like other library databases.

E-books often have powerful search tools which allow you to uncover hard to find information.

The various e-book providers have different features but in general users can:  

  • create automatic citations
  • highlight text sections and take notes
  • print or email yourself portions of text, though copyright limits the amount

Manderino Library E-book Collections

Thesee databases provide access to ebooks purchased or subscribed to by Manderino Library. E-books in these collections are full text. In addition to being able to read the books online, you may download some titles for offline use (on a PC, Mac, and many mobile devices).

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