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HELP: Using Library Services: Access Problems

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Problems with Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Are you off-campus . . .and having problems accessing library resources?

When you access library resources from off-campus, you will go to the "Keystone Library Network PASS" screen (see the image below). This offers two separate ways to login, one on the left, the other on the right. Note: You only need to use one of these methods.

  1. Library ID Logon (left side). Enter your:
    • CalCard number where it says "Library Barcode or Identification" (16 digits, begins with 601951...)
    • Last name
  2. Username/Password Logon (right side):
    • Click on the "Login" button
    • Note: The dropdown list at the bottom of the page is ONLY for getting help. You cannot login that way.

KLN Login Screen

If you chose Option 2 (the right-hand, Login, option), you will come to another screen (see image below).

  • Enter the Username portion of your campus e-mail address ( Do NOT include "".
  • Enter your E-mail password

Cal U Library login screen

Still can't login? Try answering these questions:

  • Did you enter your CalCard number correctly?...and without any spaces?
    • The "Library Barcode or Identification" number is the 16 digit number on your CalCard.
    • Your library ID number is not your Social Security number or your campus student number.
  • Did you enter your university Username and Password correctly?
    • Remember to omit the "" portion of your e-mail address.
    • Use the password associated with your Cal U e-mail.
  • Is your password expired?
    • Can you login to the Cal U e-mail system?
    • Please attempt to login to your Cal U e-mail via this link and see if it prompts you to change your password. If it does, this will fix the issue. If it does not, please contact the CALU UTech Help Desk for a password reset: 724-938-5911.
  • Do you have a CalCard?
    • If not, contact the CalCard Office: 724-938-4300 (or Ask them to provide you with one.
  • Are you in the Library's system?
    • Online students (in particular) are often not properly added to the library's system.
    • If you a) have a CalCard or b) you can check your Cal email, but still can't access the library, call the library's Circulation Desk: 724-938-4092 and ask them to put you into our system.
  • If you HAVE a CalCard, but it is NOT working:
    • Call the library's Circulation Desk: 724-938-4092 and ask them to check your card number.
  • Do you have a Guest CalCard?
    • Unfortunately, guest accounts do not provide remote access to our databases. You will need to use a computer located in the library.

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