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Native American Resources: Selected Print Resources

Resources for HIS 352: Native American History to 1850


This guide lists books, Web sites, and other resources about Native American history.

You can also browse the collection on the third floor in these call number ranges:

E 75-99 Indians of North America
   Subdivided as follows:
      E 93 Government Relations
      E 97 Education
      E 99 Individual Nations (listed
) Examples:

  • E99.A83 Assateague
  • E99.C5 Cherokee
  • E99.I7 Iroquois
  • E99.M4 Mashpee
  • E99.M433 Mayas
  • E99.S54 Siksika
  • E99.W2 Wampanoag

Central and South America
   F 1435 Central America, Mayas
   F 1465 Central America,
                 Guatemala, Mayas
   F 2230 South America, Modern
   F 3429 South America, Peru, Inca

Tribes and Biography

Letters, Diaries, Narratives, and other Primary Sources

Treaties, Law, Government

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