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HON250 - Animated Character Research: Find and Cite Images of Animated Characters

Image Searching

The vast majority of images of animated characters found online are copyrighted. Under Fair Use guidelines, you may use a limited number of copyrighted images for your projects and papers though. Be sure to cite them! 

Citing Images in MLA Format

These are the most common citation elements, in order, for citing images of animated characters found online: 

1) Illustrator/Creator if available. If not skip to #2.[Last Name, First Name]

2) Title of image in italics.  If the image doesn’t have a title, create a brief descriptive title [Angry Donald Duck, Moulan Fighting].

3) Date the image was created, if available.  If not, skip to #4. [2001, 25 Sept. 2014]

4) Title of website on which the image is hosted, in italics. [The Big Cartoon Database, Flickr]. Do not cite Google Images, click to the actual site from which Google found the image. 

5) URL [https://nl.fanpop.com/clubs/disney-princess/images/8236465/title/moulan]  

6) Access date [16 April 2020] 

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