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Poster Session Instructions: Logos & Images

Learn how to create effective and easy-to read posters for Poster Sessions.

Cal U Logos

Using the Cal U Logo

Please do not “borrow” the Cal U Logo without permission from the Department of Marketing and University Relations.

If the logo has been used in your document and altered in any way, we have the right not to print the document.

Contact Greg Sofranko, Director of Creative Services, at for approval.

Image Resolution and Printing

If you increase the print size the resolution decreases and vice-versa.

To make sure your image isn't distorted, print at a resolution of at least 120 pixels per inch (ppi).

Images on your computer screen may not have a high enough resolution to look good in print at your desired size. 

Watch the video below to see these concepts in action (click to view):

Free Images

Free Tools for Creating Graphics

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