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POS301: Research Methods: POS301: Research Methods

In-Class Activity

Scholarly journal articles will be your primary sources of information for your upper level political science papers. It's important for you to have a good handle on how to identify a scholarly article when you see one.

This activity will help with that.

***Work with a partner on this***

Open the two articles (as PDF Full-text) linked below and compare/contrast them using the following criteria (you do not need to read the entire articles, just scan through them and skim a few sections):

  • Authors: who is the author and what are his/her credentials?
  • Content Level: Is it intended for scholars or general readers? Does it contain original research or is it more of a summary of the topic? Is that language/writing technical?
  • Layout, Organization, Overall "look": Is it divided into sections (methodology, abstract, conclusions)? What sorts of graphics are there?
  • Supporting Evidence: Is there any? How can you tell? What do I even mean by "supporting evidence"?


Article 1- Politics of Virtual Reality

Article 2- Community matters: How young adults use Facebook to evaluate political candidates

Are there any other criteria that could help you determine the "scholarliness" of the sources?

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