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Faculty Guide to the Library: Intro

Library Instruction Sessions

Library faculty are eager to help your students use our resources for your assignments. We would welcome an invitation to present library instruction sessions to your classes in order to facilitate effective use of library resources. Students can also schedule appointments to meet with a librarian for individual research assistance.

Please note that each librarian takes responsibility for specific disciplines.To schedule a library instruction session, please contact the librarian responsible for your department . If you don't know who this is, visit the Find Resources by Subject guide and select your discipline. The librarian for that subject will be listed on the guide. Or you can contact Dr. Ryan Sittler, Instructional Technology & Information Literacy Librarian.

Faculty Research Assistance

In addition to helping students, librarians are also available to assist faculty with their research needs. If you cannot find what you need, talk to one of the research librarians. We will be glad to help!

There are several ways that you can contact the library. Ask the Library provides e-mail and SMS text options. During certain hours, we provide Chat service. To schedule an appointment with a librarian, use the Schedule Appointment service. Although it is geared toward students, it works great for faculty as well. These options can be found on the Library home page.

Online Resources

Our library has a large collection of online, electronic resources.  You can access research databases, periodicals, and a large collection of electronic books through the library's Web site!

Faculty can also use our streaming video resource, Films on Demand, to create online learning modules by assembling video clips on a variety of topics.

How to find library resources:
Find Resources by Subject is a list of guides that group resources together by discipline or topic.
The A to Z List of Library Resources lists resources alphabetically by name. This is helpful when you already know the name of the resource you want to use.

Interlibrary Loan & Document Delivery

Can't find what you want in Manderino resources? There are options for getting materials from other libraries.

Our library distinguishes DOCUMENT DELIVERY from INTERLIBRARY LOAN. Document Delivery is the service that gets you materials (typically PDF articles) that you do not need to return to the library. The electronic file is yours to keep. Interlibrary Loan, however, is the process of getting physical materials (typically books) that you will need to return to the lending library.

TO REQUEST BOOKS, there are two options. 1) E-ZBorrow allows you to locate and request books (only, no articles) from more than 50 academic libraries in PA, WV, NJ, and NY. Requesting is simple, online, and the books are sent to Manderino Library in just a few days. If E-ZBorrow fails to find your book, use the 2) Interlibrary Loan Book Request Form to ask our staff to try and find the book in another library.

TO REQUEST ARTICLES, there are also two options. 1) EBSCO Request this Item is a service within our large collection of EBSCO databases. If these databases do not have the full text of the article, it will offer a "Request this item" link to a request form. Once submitted, it goes to our Document Delivery department who will attempt to locate the item. However, if you need an article apart from an EBSCO database, you can use our 2) Document Delivery Article Request Form to place your request.

Requesting articles from other libraries is provided at no charge to faculty, students, and staff. Books are normally available for free, although dissertations often are not. Patrons, including faculty, are responsible for these fees.

What's New in Manderino Library

Today's library is constantly changing. The library has several outlets to keep you up-to-date on what's new in the library.

Check out the "What's New in Manderino" section of the library's home page.

Course Reserves

Our Course Reserves system makes class-specific information available to your students. Physical items are loaned for 90 minutes, enabling timely access by everyone in the class.

SCANNED ITEMS: Physical items (e.g., articles, book chapters) that meet copyright rules can be scanned to PDF files and made available within the electronic course reserve system.

BOOKS: If the amount of the book needed exceeds what is allowed under copyright law, the entire book can be placed on reserve. Personal copies can be loaned to the library and will be returned.

TEXTBOOKS: Given the high cost of textbooks, the library wants to expand our Course Reserves to include as many physical textbooks as possible. To this end, we purchase a copy of every required textbook for all 100 level courses. For higher level courses, we would encourage you to either loan or donate a personal copy to the library.

To submit materials, use our Course Reserves Request Form. For more information, see Course Reserves Info, or contact Skip Wounick.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Given the high cost of textbooks, PASSHE and Cal U are encouraging faculty to consider OER alternatives. These resources will help locate options.

Creating Direct Links to Library Resources

You can create direct links to online articles and other resources in your Desire2Learn pages, Web sites, etc.

PLEASE NOTE that the URL displayed in your browser address bar may be the WRONG link to use! When using a library database, do NOT simply copy and paste these links.

If you want to link to an article in a library resource, look for something called a "Persistent" or "Durable" link. EBSCO, our primary vendor for library resources, provides what they call a "Permalink" to a specific article or an entire set of search results. TIP: You can also link to a set of results as a potential reading list.

Whenever you create links to library resources, it is a good idea to test those links from both on- and off-campus locations. This will spare your students--and you--problems later on!

If you have questions, or need help, please contact Loring Prest, the library's Electronic Resources Librarian and Webmaster. He will be happy to help you create links to library resources.

The following resource can be used to create properly functioning links to resources.

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