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Film and Movie Reviews:  

Critical Film Reviews

Film reviews are critical evaluations of movies, usually appearing in newspapers, magazines, and sometimes in academic journals. Unlike film criticism, film reviews are published soon after the movie comes out. Some reviews aren't much more than a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down", while others  provide insights into the meaning, context, and merits of the reviewed film.

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First Step: Get Basic Information about the Film

To find film reviews, it helps to have some information about the film, including:

  • Full title of the film
  • Release date
  • Director

Pay close attention to the release date so that you retrieve reviews of the original film, rather than the DVD or streaming release. If the "review" is published more than a year after the original release date, it is more likely a review of the DVD release or film criticism.

Find Film Reviews in journals, magazines, and newspapers

Websites with Film Reviews

The following web resources are especially useful for finding reviews of films. Beware: they include reviews published from verifiable sources (magazines, newspapers, reputable online sources), but also "user reviews" submitted by anyone with the inspiration to write down their thoughts and click submit.

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