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Get the most out of searching Google Scholar

Google Scholar @ Cal U Search Box

This search box automatically identifies you to Google Scholar as a Cal U person. This ensures that you get access to all of the full-text resources available to you in Cal's collections.

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Google Scholar @ Cal U Search Link

WHY search Google Scholar here?

Don't pay for articles you can get FREE!

Look for the "Full-Text @ Cal U" link in your Google Scholar results. You can use that link to get the full text via the Libraries’ resources. Here's an example:

Google Scholar result with Cal U link


Google Scholar: Types of Articles

Google Scholar is a terrific database of scholarly journals. It is probably the most inclusive collection of articles that you can search. It includes several types of articles.  How you access them depends on which type it is. Google Scholar includes:

  1. Articles that are freely available to anyone using Google Scholar.
  2. Articles that are in databases Cal U subscribes to and are available to Cal U people (but not the general public).
  3. Articles that are neither free nor included in Cal U's collection. Publishers include them in Google Scholar because they link to the publisher's site where you can buy the article (typically for $40 per article!). Cal U people, however, can use the Library's Interlibrary Loan service to request the article from another library for FREE.


How do you tell Google Scholar that you are from Cal U?

To get the most out of Google Scholar, you need to identify yourself as a Cal U person. This will ensure that you have direct access to more full-text content. There are two methods of identifying yourself: one is simple, and the other is more complicated.

Simple: The easiest way is to search Google Scholar by using the links or search box on the Manderino Library web site. These connections have been configured to let Google Scholar know automatically that you are a Cal U person. All you have to remember is to go through the Library's web site when you want to search Google Scholar. This is easy!

More Complicated: If you go directly to Google Scholar (bypassing the Library's site), Google Scholar won't know that you should have access to Cal U content. In order to see it, you will need to configure your Google Scholar settings. Normally, this involves going to Settings > Library Links > searching for and selecting "California University" > and saving. (And doing this for every browser you use.) This is not as easy as using the Library.

If you DO prefer to access Google Scholar directly (rather than through the Library), your configuration will be easier if you open this customized Cal U link to Google Scholar settings in your browser and click "Save." After that, your browser will remember that you want to be identified with Cal U, and you will see "Full-Text @ Cal U" links in your Google Scholar results. Please note, however, that you will need to configure EACH browser that you use on the same or different devices.

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