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HIS 491: Historiographic Research: Sources and Strategies for Historiographic Research

Getting Started

Your job is to find im​portant books and journal articles that represent the evolution of historical study on your topic. This means your bilbliography should include a mix of older and newer sources, as well as various schools of thought and historical approaches.

How do we determine what sources are important? Find what historians say are the most important sources!

Historiography may be a useful keyword to include in your search. 


Try out the technique shown above in these databases:


Finding articles from different time periods




Locating Articles and Books Mentioned in Other Sources

So, you have a PDF of an article, a book, or some other sources that lists a book or article you need to find. That's great, but how do you get it?

OneSearch (below) is the best place to find sources for which you have the title, author, and/or other citation information. Here's how:


Other Tools for Determining the Importance of a Source

Book Reviews

Historian-authored book reviews may help you determine a book's impact and the author's point of view, as well as point you to major works on the topic.


Google Citations


Historian Biographies

Wikipedia or Google?

Yes, you can find basic biographical information about historians on the Web. If you use Wikipedia, be sure to follow the References and External Links (for example).

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