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Resources for Librarians: Link a Guide to D2L


You can link your subject guide to D2L at either the discipline (SWK, BIO, etc.) or the course (SWK-709) level. This box describes how to make the connection.

  1. Go to your Subject Guide in admin mode
  2. Open Guide Metadata (click the gear icon)

  1. Choose Custom Metadata

  1. Click on Empty to start to Add Record.
    1. Make sure the name is D2L in the field. This must be exactly this or it will not work.
    2. For a Value, you can be as precise as needed. It can be just the discipline (SOW or SWK), or you could specify and exact course. It appears a course value would need a hyphen (SWK-709). In my example above, this guide will appear for any course that is either SOW or SWK.
    3. Check the Public? option.
  2. You need to configure each guide that you want to associate with D2L.
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