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Music: MUS372: Creative Arts

MUS372 Assignment

Your assignment is to find a peer-reviewed article dealing with music and cognition/ learning, and then write a critical review.

  • First determine which aspect of this topic most interests you (music, cognition, or learning)
  • Next, write some keywords for your search
  • Then use one of the databases listed below to search for an article. Remember to check the box that says Scholarly Journals (Peer Reviewed)
  • Send yourself at least 3 articles
  • Choose one article, read it, and write your review

Education Source


Want to focus on the learning side of this assignment? Try Education Source. These articles will be written by and for teachers (including music teachers), helping them to understand how their students learn.

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection


If you're most interested in the cognition side of this assignment and want to understand how music changes a person's psyche, then try searching the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection. This collection features articles written by psychologists, counselors, therapists, social workers, and other behavioral scientists.

Humanities Source


If you're taking a more global approach to this subject and want to understand the effects of music beyond its impact on the individual, then Humanities Source is the database for you. Articles in this resource are primarily written by sociologists, anthropologists, historians, philosophers, and other humanities scholars.

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