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Social Work: Open Access

Free and Scholarly Research After Graduation

While at Cal U, you have access to many scholarly resources that require a subscription to access. When you graduate from Cal U, however, you no longer have access to this subscription content. In your work as a Social Worker, however, you still need to research using high quality sources. So, what can you do?

There is a growing trend for what are called “Open Access” journals and other resources. These are freely available to anyone. To help you find them, this page ONLY lists resources that are FREE for anyone to use--no passwords needed. After you graduate from Cal U, use this page as a starting point for finding free, quality information.

Note: If you need librarian assistance, you can still contact a librarian after graduation! We answer everyone's questions and are happy to help!

MAKE SUGGESTIONS! If you come across free, high quality resources that you think should be promoted to your colleagues by including it on this page, please send the link to Loring Prest.

Open Access Articles, etc.

"Open Access refers to journals and scholarly information available digitally for free on the Internet with no licensing or copyright restrictions. There are various levels of open access available. Some journal articles are available free to anyone at the time of publication. Publishers may have the option to restrict access to some journal articles for a [limited period of time]." (ACRL, Social Work Liaison's Toolkit: Open Access)


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